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Welcome to Moneta

Real Estate Investment in the Palm of Your Hand

Unlock the full potential of real estate investing with Moneta, the all-in-one app that provides essential information in one convenient place. Say goodbye to personal connections and tedious research, and start making well-informed decisions.


Simulate, Find, Analyze, and Invest in High-Performing Properties

Moneta - Real Estate Investing Tool, powered by AI, is the ultimate solution for real estate investors seeking an all-in-one platform that simplifies the decision-making process. Our AI-powered app provides comprehensive data and insights, eliminating the need for personal connections and time-consuming research. With Moneta's AI capabilities, you can confidently make well-informed decisions that drive success and grow your investment portfolio.

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Numbers Don't Lie.

​Relying on objective data and thorough market analysis helps investors identify trends, uncover hidden opportunities, and make confident investment choices with a higher chance of success.

Empower Your Investment with Insights.

Utilizing data-driven insights when evaluating properties allows investors to make well-informed decisions, minimize risks, and maximize potential returns in the real estate market.

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Simulate, Estimate, and Dominate Your Real Estate Investments.

Simulation is vital for large-scale investments, allowing exploration of various scenarios and risk mitigation. Moneta's seamless capabilities enable easy testing of different cases, providing comprehensive outcome understanding. With mobile accessibility, simulate and analyze potential investments on-the-go, staying competitive in real estate investment.


Discover Ideal Properties with Tailored Simulation Conditions.

Stay ahead in real estate by accessing current listings matching your simulation criteria, finding ideal investments. Our platform covers the entire US, offering a comprehensive database to discover potential gems. Combining tailored simulations with extensive property search, make informed, data-driven decisions in the dynamic real estate market.

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Delve Deeper: Analyze, Simulate, and Understand Property and Demography.

Gather vital information for successful real estate investments with our platform. Analyze and simulate properties and demographics for in-depth knowledge, enabling confident decisions. Compare market data for optimal rental prices and examine demographics for insights. Navigate complex real estate investments and maximize returns effectively.


Frequently Ask Questions

  • Does the app provide up-to-date property listings from across the United States?
    Indeed, our platform provides a comprehensive database of current property listings from across the United States, granting you access to a diverse selection of investment opportunities. As we don't sell properties ourselves, our listings are unbiased and cover all available options. Additionally, there's a button that directs you to a Google search, allowing you to explore any real estate websites of your choice.
  • How does the app help me compare market rates and determine optimal rental prices?
    By incorporating data-driven analysis and demographic insights, the app allows you to compare market rates in same areas and determine optimal rental prices for your investment properties, ensuring you maximize returns.
  • How can I use tailored simulation conditions to search for properties in the app?
    The app enables you to enter your customized simulation parameters, including target price, down payment, mortgage rate, estimated appreciation rate, vacancy rate, and much more! Based on these factors, the platform generates essential figures to support your decision-making process, simplifying the search for ideal investment opportunities.
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